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Who are we?

We are a technology platform that provides intelligent, industrial solutions for companies in industries such as Energy and Power, Telecommunications, Construction, Real Estate and Microfinance.

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What do we provide?

We utilize process rationalization to provide a digital transformation while delivering artificial intelligence.

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When are we best utilized?

We provide products and solutions to businesses during all stages of their growth cycle. Whether a company is a startup, early or late stage growth or mature, DigiCollect’s products and services are extremely valuable.

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Where do we provide solutions and services?

Our platform is global but currently we are specifically focused on the U.S, Europe and Asia. Our Asian operations covers India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore

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Why is our platform valuable?

We help our customers adapt to a digital landscape to increase revenues and efficiency while reducing costs and to adapt to a world where Artificial Intelligence will play a dominant role across all walks of life. One of our core philosophies assumes the slogan “NO DIGITAL, NO INTELLIGENCE”

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Core Focus Areas

  • Construction
  • Energy and Power
  • Telecommunication
  • MFI's
  • Retail
  • Logistics and Warehouse

Consulting Services

  • Digital Transformation
  • Bespoke IT Consulting
  • Bespoke Software Development Services

The DigiCollect ERP Platform

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Create, run and manage efficient processes across the organization using Workflow. Enhance your productivity and reduce turnaround time taken for processes.

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Project Management

Streamline project execution, resource, and portfolio management, keep track of projects and stay organized

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Analyse the business performance faster with a consolidated view of the receivables, payables, cash flow and expenses all from the dashboard.

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Manage issues and connect with your vendors and suppliers for quick and easy assistance. Track SLA adherence and analyse root cause of issues using analytics

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Empower your sales team, increase team productivity and connect with your customers with DigiCollect CRM. Sign more deals faster, and service your customers

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Supply Chain

The DigiCollect Supply Chain Management solution provides structured, innovative services for the integrated optimization of companies from all sectors across the entire value chain.

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Simplify Invoice Management. Create, Approve and Issue invoices to your business partners with DigiCollect IMS.

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Cloud Storage

Enterprise class cloud storage solution from DigiCollect brings you the robustness of cloud storage which is highly scalable and built for sharing and collaboration in mind.

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Digi Maps

Our complete end to end solution for infrastructure visualization. Leverage the power of GIS, 3D, Mobile and Data under one platform.

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Contract Management

Create, collaborate and negotiate contracts with multiple parties before digitally signing. Complete audit logging and version control to track changes across the contracts.

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DigiCollect tendering platform, for managing tenders and proposals, and evaluating responses to determine the best possible bid.

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B2B Marketplace

Complete life cycle services starting from selecting your land, feasibility studies, yield assessment, construction, post construction and preventive maintenance.

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Performance Monitoring

We enable increased efficiency of your power plants by deeply integrating the SCADA data to the marketplace and offer predictive insights into future yield patterns.

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We provide comprehensive HR Solutions from payroll to leave and timesheets for simplifying employee management

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